The thought of having a category 5 hurricane pass through your area can be downright frightening. With living in Florida, you come to expect that you will have to endure a hurricane at some point. Currently, we are experiencing the longest streak in Florida history without a hurricane, though we have suffered through several tropical storms in the meantime. Back in 2005, we had Dennis, Katrina, Wilma, and Rita rip through our coast, and the year prior we had Frances, Jeanne, and Ivan. Point being, hurricanes are unpredictable and you can never be too prepared to protect you home and family. AMS of FLA provides hurricane protection and can give you peace of mind with the installation of Hurricane windows.

Benefits of Hurricane Windows by AMS of FLA

AMS provides hurricane window installation services in Florida, which offer the most durable and strongest impact windows that can withstand hurricane force winds. Hurricane Windows are very effective and will shield you and your family from flying fragments during any storm.

Hurricane Windows Can Withstand Category 5 Hurricanes

Hurricane manufactured impact windows have a pressure rate measuring at around DP100, and a water resistance of 15 PSF. The windows are solid and built to withstand the wind strengths and flying debris caused by the most intense storms.

We all remember the devastating effect of Hurricane Katrina when it struck New Orleans and Hurricane Andrew’s lasting impact when it leveled almost the entire Southern Florida area. Installing hurricane proof windows in your home will help protect your home and family the next time a storm of this magnitude hits.

Boarding up your windows right before a storm does not equate to your home being hurricane-proof. Even tiny gaps between the pieces of wood can cause the boards to fly off in strong winds. Once the window is broken, the whole house is jeopardized due to the wind pressure building up inside your house.

Hurricane Windows are energy efficient

Reduce your energy costs by investing in the installation of Hurricane Proof Windows throughout your home. Impact resistant windows are constructed of durable aluminum outline with two-fold coating sheets, which make the windows significantly more energy efficient. Hurricane Windows help keep your home comfortable without having to keep your air conditioning or heat constantly running. Hurricane windows are not only protective from debris, but will also greatly decrease your electric bill and put a little more cash in your pocket.

Hurricane Windows Reduce Noise

Another benefit of hurricane windows is that they eliminate the noise pollution from outside. This can be especially important to home owners in busy areas that are seeking a little more peace and quiet. The added privacy the hurricane windows provide is just one more reason why you should call AMS today.